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After the iPhone X came, more and more people began to know and pay attention to face recognition system. While it is an exciting topic and a brand-new field for the engineer to explore, the face recognition also face many security risks that are associated with this, like the risk of mimicking faces, spoofing attack. The most stunning thing in technological field in fall, 2017 is iPhone X, which has an amazing function that can discern people’s face even during the dark night. It impressed me that Apple company combined the hardware and software so perfectly to create such a beautiful function. People get to know and be interested in this technology more than ever. What’s more, a famous television named “Person of interest”, it mainly talked about using face recognition to capture ordinary people’s face and examine them to keep people away from danger. That may some fake plots in TV show, but in real world, police also use the countless digital camera to find people and protect citizens.

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